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In this newspaper from innovationsdorf bern + kaospilots switzerland + changels you can among a lot other stuff read about New Business. Four pages are dedicated to New Business, with info and portraits of the participants in the master program.

Read the newspaper here (
And check the changels website for more info.

Frontpage what's new?

Frontpage what’s new?

Next New Business will start September 2015, intro module 27-29 May 2015.

NEW BUSINESS – a one year further training (9 modules of three days each) for people who want to grow their project ideas into sustainable and inspiring businesses. A changels mastery program for passionate entrepreneurs with existing and new projects and business dreams.

The training takes place in the Innovation Village in Bern (the home and house of the Kaos­Pilots Switzerland, changels, New Business and many other ­projects and companies). We are already in new business – and would love to see you on board!

More info you ask?
In this newspaper
On the changels website


New Business postcards

New Business postcards

New Business postcards

New Business postcards