A step further to get an idea of what NEW BUSINESS is. Read these statements from New Business #1 participants:


Engineer, project leader, biker, alpinist and former software architect.

What has called you to the NEW BUSINESS mastery training program?

Probably my heart. I felt that I had a need to start over and do projects and business not in a over-structured and administrative way but by conviction. And I wanted to strengthen my abilities in that field. As an experienced IT project manager I know that projects are made by humans, may be (re-)defined successfully during their lifetime, and will always benefit from a vital cooperation during the project lifetime with its stakeholders.

How has this training helped you so far?

The NEW BUSINESS is a great space for me to get new tools, perspectives, and ideas, to profit from others, from the trainers, my classmates and the KaosPilots − and hopefully vice versa. And it is really a great space, making possible new experiences and motivating me to do, to try, to fail, to exercise and to succeed.


I have been working in various different industries and company sizes from IT to airline industry, to retail in food, furniture and the near food area, mainly in a procurement.

What has called you to the NEW BUSINESS mastery training program?

I was extremely curious about the model and philosophy of the KaosPilots. I heard about them for the first time about 20 years ago and ever since I have been searching for an opportunity to get in touch with that spirit in the structure of a part time study.

How has his training helped you so far?

The open atmosphere and active exchange with the other NEW BUSINESS members, the teachers and the KaosPilots have created a space for me, which has enabled me to bring my passions and dreams on a paper and create a first project out of it.


Ich habe Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte studiert. Nach der Promotion habe ich in der Archäologischen Sammlung der Universität Zürich gearbeitet. Dort betreute ich die umfangreiche Sammlung von Gipsabgüssen und wirkte in der Lehre und der Forschung mit.

Wie sieht dein NEW BUSINESS Traum aus?

Ich will die Fotografie zu meinem Beruf machen und mir damit meinen Bubentraum verwirklichen. Rückblickend kann ich sagen, dass mich die Fotografie seit meiner Jugend immer und intensiv begleitet hat, gerade auch während meiner Zeit als Archäologe.

Was hat dir das Training bisher gebracht?

Natürlich haben wir in den Kursmodulen viel konkretes Wissen und hilfreiche Werkzeuge vermittelt bekommen. Für mich ist aber wichtiger, dass durch die ganzheitliche Arbeitsweise und den regelmässigen Austausch in der Gruppe und mit den KaospilotInnen ein Erfahrungsraum entstand, in dem ich auf spielerische Weise vieles klären und neu herausfinden konnte.


Ich habe eine Grundausbildung als Arzt in Humanmedizin; Weiterbildungen in Psychiatrie, Psychosomatik und Stressmedizin, Trainings und Ausbildungen in Philosophie, Mediation / Konfliktmanagement, Meditation und Kontemplation in verschiedenen Traditionen, Komplementärmedizin und Sterbebegleitung. Ich arbeite aktuell als Arzt, Dozent und im Krisenmanagement von Einzelpersonen und Teams. Zudem bin ich Projektkoordinator für die Sterbebegleitung “Passing Aware”.

Wie sieht dein NEW BUSINESS Traum aus?

In einem PRESENCE_LAB – einer Präsenz-Werkstatt – dieser Kunst der Begegnung auf die Spur kommen. Verschiedene Traditionen der Menschheitsgeschichte haben Wege entwickelt, diese innere Präsenz und diese angewandte Integrität stufenweise zu entfalten und im Alltag anwendbar zu machen. Ein PRESENCE_LAB will Raum anbieten, wo dieses Gewahrsein erlernt, geübt und in einen modernen Alltag übersetzt wird, wo intelligentes Gruppenarbeiten erforscht wird.

Was hat dir das Training bisher gebracht?

Ich lerne eine Coaching-Methode kennen, die erfrischend anders ist als andere Tools, wende sie auf ein eigenes Projekt an und prüfe sie für mich. Wir arbeiten hier mit 8 Perspektiven, die miteinander jeden Aspekt eines lebendigen Prozesses beleuchten und somit ein organisches Wachstum einer NEW BUSINESS-Idee nachhaltig unterstützen. Wertvoll ist für mich auch die Mischung der Gruppe: alle kommen aus anderen Branchen, mit spannenden Erfahrungsrucksäcken. Jeder wächst und erfindet sich und seine Idee in eigenem Tempo, und dennoch ist es “Growth through sharing”.


For almost 16 years I worked as an airline pilot. However, after about 12 years I strongly felt that it was time for a change. I had the chance to take three months unpaid leave and join the crew of a British yacht race team battling across the Atlantic ocean. After this great experience I took a degree as a Corporate Development Manager. Then I joined the Federal Office for Civil Aviation FOCA. Apart from being an inspector for flight crew training and commercial flight operations I also led the overall reorganization project of the federal office in order to become a purely process oriented organization. Finally, in 2007 I had the chance to take a management position as the manager of flight crew training at an international business aviation operator. Today I still fly a business jet and I act also as an instructor and check airman.

What is your NEW BUSINESS dream?

After almost 30 years in civil aviation I believe in the simplicity of a lean and efficient organization where everybody takes his responsibility. I’d like to assist companies in leaving the old pathways and in finding new directions to grow their business in a creative and sustainable way.

What has called you to the NEW BUSINESS mastery training program?

I was looking for an alternative to regular business schools. On top of the standard theoretical knowledge I was looking for practical learning and for personal development. I considered joining the KaosPilots for the regular training program. However, a full-time three year training was way beyond my possibilities. So when changels offered the NEW BUSINESS mastery training, this was the perfect option for me. I love the inspiring spirit, the great team and the demanding learning challenges − here I have to leave my comfort zone.


I studied social anthropology, ecology and sociology at University of Bern, with a focus on gender studies and fair trade coffee concepts. I did an internship in institutional gender equality work and then engaged as a consultant for life domain balance in a private association. Besides that I have been following my passion for coffee as a home roaster and certified barista, organising events and reflecting on fair trade coffee models.

What is your NEW BUSINESS dream?

In my dream I bring my passions for consulting and for coffee together, following my visions and offering a refreshing kind of services for both corporate and individual clients – with curiosity, empathy, creativity and fun!

How has the NEW BUSINESS training helped you so far?

I have fundamentally changed my perspective on what it means to create and run a successful business. NEW BUSINESS has offered me an alternative viewpoint to common beliefs about “serious business” that I had deeply internalised. The program has taught me to take my passions, potentials and dreams rather than limits and imagined deficits as my references. Our personal interchange in the group strongly supports me on my way and creates valuable new relationships.
All statements taken from the newspaper, what’s new, issue 2. News from Innovationsdorf Bern, KaosPilots Switzerland, changels & friends. 2015.

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