NEW BUSINESS, a one year (9 x 3 days) further training for people who want to grow their project ideas into sustainable and inspiring businesses.

NEW BUSINESS, a changels mastery program for passionate entrepreneurs with existing and new projects and business dreams. We at changels are strong in coaching entrepreneurs and their teams to sustainable and regenerative success.

We have been running several leadership trainings and strategic development processes for companies and entrepreneurs in startup and further development to reach new horizons.

We have been asked many times, whether we could offer a one year further training for entrepreneurs that is lighter than the three year full time KaosPilots training for changemakers and responsible entrepreneurs that we already offer.

We loved the idea, and based on the best of the changels competencies, experiences and our learnings from the KaosPilot training started our first NEW BUSINESS mastery program in 2014 with a first group of inspired entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and with business ideas from cooking, coffee-roasting, aviation consulting, holistic health centers, photography, exhibitions and affordable solar technology for communities.

Our first team finished the programme in June 2015. Very good things happened with their business ideas and it was a pleasure to see the steps each of the participants took. We were very happy to work with such a dedicated group, and are looking forward to see their new businesses unfold and fly.

In April 2016 we started our second team NEW BUSINESS, this time again with a good ‘gang’ of entrepreneurs with lively and lovely business ideas and business dreams.

In April 2017 we look forward to open the doors to NEW BUSINESS #3.

We are already in NEW BUSINESS – and would love to see you on board! Are you up for a new adventure of your life?

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